What Pace Should My Easy Runs Be?

How fast do you run you easy runs? Knowing how to pace your easy runs is not an easy task, especially if you happen to be feeling particularly strong on them. Your training weeks should be made up of easy, moderate and hard runs. If the easies aren’t easy enough, you might be failing to push yourself on the hard runs and compromising your overall training.

How Should I Balance My Training?

Mario Fraioli from Competitor Magazine compares runs (or actually the effort runs require) ingeniously to an EKG (for those of us that don’t watch Casualty think of a heart monitor), making it simple to visualise how your training efforts should look; with flat lines (easy effort runs), mid-level rises (moderate effort runs) and spikes (hard effort runs). His article goes on to explain that an ‘easy pace’ should be about 90 seconds to 2 minutes slower than your marathon pace.

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