Trail Running at Night – Embrace the Dark

Trail Running at Night

As the days begin to shorten, running at night will become a reality once again. For most of us, that means some bright colored clothing and keeping to well-lit roads. No one likes this. Running by dim orange light, scuffing over bumps in the pavement and falling into dips. As runners, we tend to spend the majority of winter waiting for summer.

Does it have to be like this? One solution is a powerful headtorch. See the We Are Runners article here. A good headtorch opens up the winter running world. Those peaceful country lanes that make your summer running are no longer out of bounds.

How about embracing the dark nights? As strange as it may sound it is exactly what a group of runners are doing in the Peak District. Dave Taylor from The Fell Running Guide leads groups of runners along night trail runs. Rather than avoiding the dark, Dave and his runners are celebrating it. Celebrating the austere and quiet beauty of nature at night. As the sun sets, our vision diminishes. In response, our other senses become far more heightened. Listening, feeling, smelling the world around. It is this that makes train running at night such an incredible experience. Don’t fear the night. Make it part of your running routine.

Read Dave’s vivid descriptions of the night run he leads below. And join Dave on a nighttime adventure!

Trail Running at Night – Don’t be Afraid!