The School Running Revolution

Wow! As a runner, this scheme makes me smile from ear to ear. For years our nation has been debating how to combat childhood obesity, and running has provided the solution (I’m sure none of us are that surprised!). Every morning, at a  small group of schools in Stirling, the pupils run or walk a mile. It’s that simple. Schools have reported a huge increase in concentration and improvement in behaviour in the pupils. Not to mention the huge health benefits –  with one school reporting no overweight children.

Of course formal testing is required, but the anecdotal evidence seems to support the common sense theory. As runners, we all understand that children should be more active and encouraged to discover what their bodies are capable of. And who know’s what great champions this country will raise if more children discover a love for the beautiful, austere and simple act of running. Fingers crossed that this idea catches on.

Read the full article – Miles ahead: school that fired starting gun on running revolution – by Nicola Slawson and let’s spread the word!