The Runner’s Ankle

When it comes to injury prevention, management and recovery, as a runner, knowledge is power. As runners we are constantly talking injuries. So not only does a bit of injury wisdom go a long way to help you self-diagnose (although we obviously always recommend going to a health professional), it can earn you some good old kudos with you training buddies.

The Ankle

It would seem as we get further and further down the leg, the range of injuries and their intricacies only deepens – the ankle is no exception. If you want an introduction to the ankle to help you navigate the runners’ injury minefield, then Annie Rice’s  article in Runner’s World “The ankle: A user’s guide” is a great place to start. Sprains, Achilles tendinopathy, peroneal tendinopathy and more are introduced…

Read the full article – The ankle: A user’s guide – by Annie Rice