Running like a T-Rex: The Longest Mile

An Average Runner’s Journey to Become a Middle Distance Runner…

So I’ve decided to try and become a middle distance runner. After years of running below my potential, I finally want to see what this body of mine can do. Thank you for checking out the Longest Mile Blog! Any feedback is hugely appreciated 🙂

3000m Indoor

The first big test! 3000m indoors at the Cardiff Met Grand Prix Christmas Classic. A well-organised event at the world-class facilities at the National Indoor Centre. The meet was an open meet. This means it was for all standards. Looking around me, however, I started to wonder. All around me were athletes doing warm-up drills that would give me a hernia. Mercifully the races were seeded, with the fastest going first and the slowest last. You’ve guessed it, I was in the last race. Just as well, the guys in the first races were smashing out low 8 min times. That is proper fast. The officials called forward my race and I lined up with my fellow competitors.

Three thousand lung-busting metres later I had finished. Hands on knees, coughing, dizzy, but buzzing. After an aggressive start by everyone, I had panicked and held back. Realising I was falling behind I picked up the pace with 2k to go and had managed to fight my way back to second. I finished in 10:17, pleased. Two lessons came out of this experience:

  1. Track racing is all about positioning
  2. When I am tired my shoulders stiffen and I run like a T-Rex

Loved it. If you’re tempted to test yourself over shorter distances on track, I 100% recommend it. This was only the first of three in the Cardiff Grand Prix Series. There is even live commentary to help you feel more like a pro. Even if not all of us run like one. Yet!