Seven Tips to Run Faster

Desperate to push to that target PB, but just keep falling short? Struggling to find time to increase training volume, but still want to progress? Well, fear not. Although adding mileage is a well trialed way of getting faster, we don’t all have time (or inclination) to bang out 130 mile weeks like the pros. In his article “Seven Ways To Improve Speed Without Increasing Mileage”, top US-based coach, Matt Fitzgerald gives seven sure-fire ways to speed you up without adding mileage.

We are big fans of sprints (or strides), hill sprints and plyometrics. Flat out sprints (8-10 secs with long recoveries) are amazing at improving form, meaning less energy wasted, and upping stride power, meaning you go further on each stride for the same effort. Hill sprints are a fantastic way to improve strength and give a great aerobic workout. And plyometrics, again, will increase your stride power – more ground covered per stride equals more speed.

Read the article here – Seven Ways To Improve Speed Without Increasing Mileage – by Matt Fitzgerald