When Real Life Gets in the Way: The Longest Mile

An Average Runner’s Journey to Become a Middle Distance Runner…

So I’ve decided to try and become a middle distance runner. After years of running below my potential, I finally want to see what this body of mine can do. Thank you for checking out the Longest Mile Blog! Any feedback is hugely appreciated 🙂

When Real Life Gets in the Way

Wow! it’s been a long time.
I’ve learned over the past couple of months, that despite my love of ruining my body day in day out, real life actually gets in the way sometimes. In the process, I saw the nature of true heroism.
My wife – my beautiful wife – a runner herself with stacks of talent. She had been feeling unwell for a few weeks. We assumed fatigue. By Christmas, things were getting worse. By New Year’s day, she had turned yellow. Two weeks later she was in intensive care at the top of the national waiting list for a liver transplant. If she didn’t get a new liver within 48 hours, there was only one way this was going. Ellie had gone from a picture of health to death’s door in less than two months.
I won’t drag it out. You’ll be glad to know that Ellie got a new liver and thanks to the incredible work of the NHS, is making a great recovery. And I use the word ‘incredible’ without hesitation and for want of a better superlative. Not only is she getting better, she managed her first run/walk the other day – 6 weeks post op! An anonymous organ donor, our eternal hero, gave my wife a second chance and boy is she grabbing it. There’s even talk of Transplant Games!
Sometimes real life gets in the way. Sometimes it’s annoying. Sometimes it’s so serious that you couldn’t care less. I’ve learned that all you need to do once the crisis is over, is lace the shoes back on, and get back out there.
3 weeks on, and I’m back to where I was pre-disaster (4 secs off my recent best parkrun time with 17:35) and I’m loving running more than ever. Sub 17 by April, is on!
And I’d better watch my back, there is a lady with a new liver hot on my heels.