#ProjectPB – The Mo Session

During the summer of 2015, as Mo Farah – the undisputed King of the Track – out kicked the cream of the East African running elite, to become the double World 5000 and 1000 Champion (again), BBC commentator Steve Cram mentioned a session Mo had done in the build up to the world champs. And it got a few people’s attention.

When you look at the #RunLikeMo session below in detail, the benefits become clear. As the reps are done at close to max pace for the rep distance involved, this session targets pretty much all of the fundamental physiological attributes you need to be a fast runner. Your aerobic system (max’d out), your anaerobic system, your lactate tolerance/management and even your neuromuscular strength with the fast final reps. It’s tough. Really tough. Just have a look…

The Mo Session

Each with 2 lap jog recovery, all reps at close to maximal effort:

  • 1 mile
  • 1200m
  • 1000m
  • 800m
  • 400m
  • 200m

A fantastic session for runners of all abilities to really push their body to the limit and test themselves. In fact, this session works as a great ‘tester’ –  a session you can do every 6-8 weeks to compare rep times and gauge progress.

How Fast Is Mo?

Now look at the astronomical pace Mo runs it at – averaging 58 seconds a lap (just try one of those!), all at 1300m altitude. Mo is close to flat out here, his mile rep time won’t be far off his mile PB pace (less than 10 secs off), and similarly for the other reps. It takes a lot of pain to be great.


Try it for yourself and use it to regularly to mark your progress!