#MyKillerSession – Julian Goater

The Great Julian Goater

We may not all be capable of being great runners, but we can all learn from the greats. Just like the Mo Session, we have found another cracking session from a running great, Julian Goater.

Reading Athletics Weekly the other day, I came across an interesting article. Running legend Julian Goater (1982 10,000m Commonwealth Bronze medalist) described his #MyKillerSession. A session that he would do in the build up to major races…so I thought I would give it a try.

The Session

The session is 6 x (2 x 300m) repetitions on a slight gradient. Run downhill 300m at a comfortable but fast pace. Followed by 20 seconds recovery at the bottom, and then back up the 300m. The idea is to do the up segment in the same or better time than you did the down. In between pairs of up and down, give yourself 3 mins jog recovery.

This great session modulates between two different intensities whilst keeping roughly the same pace. Downhill and uphill. This trains your body to “change gears”, and pushes your aerobic system. By the 4th repetition, I was having to work hard to get back up the hill in time. Gurn-central.

As I learned on a couple of the reps, you can pay the price for going too fast on the downhill. I struggled to get back within time. This session teaches you to judge pace. A key skill for any successful runner.

Multi-pace sessions like this are fantastic for hitting many training zones. In races, we have surges in effort as well as pace.  This session helps recreate the physiological effect of these surges. Julian’s session work well in the latter half of your training cycle when you are targeting race specific adaptations.

Julian’s session is tough while being achievable. Although not for complete beginners it is great for us improvers. Why not try this session a few weeks out from a target 5k or 10k race!

See the full article – My killer Session – from Athletics Weekly.