Interval Training – Mixed Intervals

Why Mix it Up?

Sometimes, whilst cracking intervals, we want to be specific in the physiological adaptations and systems we are targeting – anaerobic, maximal aerobic, endurance, neuromuscular and lactate threshold training are some examples. Sometimes we may want to be race pace specific – for example an interval session at 5k race pace.

However sometimes it is good to mix it up. The below mixed intervals session is great for targeting all of your key training zones and the full spectrum of physiological adaptations. What’s more, because you are not overly targeting or stressing one training zone or pace in particular, this session can be relatively high volume, as well as high intensity. Big gains! Ideally you should aim to do sessions like this mid-training cycle after your base period, as you look to build strength and fitness before your race specific training begins.

Mixed Intervals

  • Start with 10 min warm up
  • 10 mins @ Lactate threshold pace (approx. 10 mile to half mara pace)
  • 2 or 3 x (4 min @ 5k pace; 90 sec recovery; 2min @ 3k pace; 90 sec recovery)
  • 2 min jog recovery
  • 4 x 30 secs flat out with 90 sec recovery
  • Finish with 10 mins warm down

Start by doing 2 sets of the middle segment. Move on to 3 sets as a progression.

As you can see  we hit your body hard, with a high volume high intensity session, with paces from lactate threshold, through maximal aerobic (VO2 max), to anaerobic. Starting with 10 mins at lactate threshold (tempo) pace is a great way to inject some fatigue into the legs before middle segment of high end aerobic work begins. Finally, this is all topped off with a quick hit of max pace, targeting your anaerobic and neuromuscular systems.


This is high volume and high intensity. Only do this session in between two easy/rest days and not more than once a fortnight.