Steady Runs: The Longest Mile

An Average Runner’s Journey to Become a Middle Distance Runner…

So I’ve decided to try and become a middle distance runner. After years of running below my potential, I finally want to see what this body of mine can do. Thank you for checking out the Longest Mile Blog! Any feedback is hugely appreciated 🙂

Steady Runs

This week’s training has gone well. Fortunately, my best friend Jim is a middle-distance runner so I am not short of advice. The biggest change my body is adapting to is the “3 Steady Runs, 3 Sessions” principle. All padded out with easy/recovery runs to bring mileage up and aid recovery. A ‘session’ being interval training, a tempo, or a fartlek. In other words, a bloody hard session.

It is in the steady runs where I am already feeling the adaptation and improvement. Steadies are an almost old school run type. Today many advocate either running easy or hard. But what about the paces between. The steady run hits that ‘sweet spot’ of putting a large enough aerobic stress on your body without causing too much fatigue. Not hard, but not easy. Just right as Goldilocks would say. With a steady state run, you can’t just shuffle along. Steady runs force you to run with full running form. Boosting that neuromuscular coordination or ‘muscle memory’. That is not to say that easy runs don’t have their place. It is a question of whether training with just easy and hard runs is better than with easy and moderate and hard runs.

Check out McMillan Running and the video below for more of the science behind Steady Runs.

Indoor Excitement

A quick update for you today.

Do you have problems with race excitement? You know, where you just can’t stop signing up for races. My impulses got the better of me and I signed up for an indoor 3000m race. This Sunday. Chasing a sub 18 5k target by year-end, this will be a useful test. I only wish I had checked the entry standard. Even in the slowest of the 3 seeded races I am going to be fighting for my life not to last! I suppose there is only one thing to do in these situations – go out hard and enjoy it. It will be a new experience on an indoor track and maybe I can chat to some elite athletes for some top tips.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
40 min Steady

+plus hill reps

Base Speed Session

5 x 30 secs
5 x 20 secs
5 x 10 secs
[90 off]

AM: 20 Easy

PM: 30 Steady


1 min off

1 min on


30 Easy VO2 Max Grass Session

4 min, 2 min, 90 sec, and 60 sec intervals with short recoveries

90 min Steady