Hydration for Runners

It’s one of the first questions asked by beginners, and even experienced runners often struggle to answer it – how much should I drink on a run?

With there being recent attention on the dangers of over-hydration (such as Hyponatraemia where the sodium concentrations in the blood become dangerously low due to dilution), the old school blind method of “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate” is now confined to history. Sports drinks that contain electrolytes and salts to keep your body’s chemistry in balance are now considered an absolute must.

How much should I drink?

There is no one answer. The answer is very much dependent on the individual and the specific demands of the race or run. In her article “Hydration – The Right Application”, Alexandra Cook guides us on how best to stay hydrated and gives a great method of finding your own personal hydration rate.

Read the article here – Hydration – The Right Application – by Alexandra Cook