How to Spot Overtraining

Runners beware!! Most of us will have fallen into the trap of thinking more training = better performance, and learnt, cruelly, that this isn’t the case. Overtraining can stop a good cycle dead in in tracks, bring on a ‘rut’ period in our running, and even make us ill and injured. It should be avoided at all costs. Our bodies are only ever getting stronger as we rest.

The Tell Tale Signs Of Overtraining…

Our bodies all react differently to different training regimes. There can never be a set of  ‘one size fits all’ rules that tell us how much volume or intensity is too much, and how much rest is not enough. It is individual. In her article for Runner’s World “10 indicators that you may need to take a rest day”, Jayme Otto talks us through the main indicators that we are overdoing it. A great guide on learning to read your body!

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