Fell Runner or Trail Runner – What is the Difference?

Dave Taylor from the Fell Running Guide answers a much-asked question: what is the difference between fell running and trail running? Are you a fell runner or a trail runner?

So what is a Fell?

Great question! Reading the We Are Runners experience of a newbie fell runner (Fell Running – Back to Running’s Roots), it is clear that fell running can involve very steep hills. But what is a fell? Dave explains that a fell is an old school Lake District term for mountains or high moorland.

A trail on the other hand is a specific path in the countryside, usually well marked.

Fell Runner?

The simplest difference is that fell races don’t usually follow marked paths or routes. Indeed sometimes you require substantial navigation skills. On the other hand with trail races you can generally follow the route and not worry too much about getting lost.

In reality the lines are blurred somewhat. The real distinction however lies in the market. Trail running has boomed in the last decade, particularly in Europe, with races attracting huge commercial sponsors. Fell running in contrast has been quietly cracking peak-after-peak for decades. But that is changing. In the wake of the trail running boom, fell running is seeing a surge in interest. The simplicity and toughness of fell races is appealing to runners keen to test their limits.

Learn what to expect from both fell and trail running by reading Dave’s full article: Trail Running or Fell Running

Are you keen to try out fell running? Have an upcoming fell or trail event? For runners keen to test themselves against the fells, Dave Taylor provides fell running coaching, navigation training and guided fell runs. Check out Dave’s We Are Runners listing here.

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