Running Coach – Do I need one?

Ever considered a running coach? They are a growing breed. Previously reserved for those elite whippets who spring off at the beginning of a race, never to be seen again, running coaches are now becoming mainstream.

And why not? The last few years have seen a transformation in the running community with an explosion in participation. That’s lots of new PB hunters out there! Now the coaching industry is reacting, catching up with other sports and the huge personal training industry, to help us mere mortals run faster and stay injury free.

Do I Need a Running Coach?

Here at We Are Runners we passionately believe in the benefits of coaching and are 100% sure that the answer is a big YES!

Regardless of experience, performance, age, sex or goals, a running coach can bring huge benefits to your running and help you enjoy it more than ever before. First time over a distance or smashing a PB – we can all achieve our goals. Below are three simple reasons why a running coach can help you make the most of your awesome running body…


1 Improved Performance

There’s generally no one correct way to train, but there are definitely wrong ways to train. Your running coach can provide you with a bespoke training schedule to suit your lifestyle and meet your goals. Nestled into those training schedules will be training sessions that will specifically target the physiological adaptations required to meet the goals you have both set. This isn’t haphazard running for the sake of running.

This is goal oriented, targeted, specific training. Big bang for your training buck.

2 Injury Management

By management we mean ‘avoidance’ and ‘rehab’. Knowing when to stop is a skill that even the pros get wrong. There is no substitute for an expert objectively looking at your fatigue levels, considering upcoming training/events, and saying “take a rest”. If injured, many running coaches are also experts in rehab, and can have you maintaining fitness as best as possible during the healing process through cross-training programmes, and quickly back to your racing best once recovered.

3 Accountability and Mentorship

Without a doubt the biggest benefit. It is easy to slack off and miss a run because it’s maybe a bit drizzly outside. When you’ve got a coach to report back to, things change! Need firing up for a race or a run, or just need someone to spur you on in the depths of marathon training, your coach is there for you. Running can be lonely, it doesn’t have to be.