Shoe Review – Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2

I’ve been running in Adidas Adios Boost 2 for three – four months now. I’d heard good things from my running club and they’ve certainly been marketed to the hilt so I wanted to see if they were the right shoe for me. Previously I’d been running exclusively in Inov-8 paper thin road shoes but that had been on the bouncy dirt paths of Uganda and didn’t quite give the same calf-friendly performance on London’s tarmac roads.

I Was Looking For…

Minimal shoes, a wide-ish toe box, something I could do longish training runs (90 mins) in as well as track sessions and everything in between.

I read this review on the Adidas Adios Boosts 2 from Peter Larson whose shoe reviews are generally brilliant. He gave the thumbs up so off I went and purchased them (I did swing by the flagship Adidas store on Oxford Street just to make sure they were the right boosts for me, but the staff were utterly useless – friendly but not runners and with very little clue about the shoes unfortunately – so I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way, I opted for good old instead).

Like I say I’ve now been running, high mileage (60 – 70 mpw) marathon training, in them for 4 months, see…

The Good

Amazing grip, good stability in the mid section, real bounce back with every step – even in this quite minimal shoe – light, comfortable, ventilated, jazzy laces and suitable for all types of running (I even did the Pen Y Fan fell race in them #grip).

The Bad

The uppers wore out way before the soles – I feel like they’ve got miles in them and yet my toes are almost hanging out the sides – I think this is the price you pay for the ventilated upper. The toe box isn’t quite as wide as I’d have liked and I spent a lot of their first outings with plasters around my toes. The 9mm heel drop (huge for me) took a few runs to gets used to BUT I hardly noticed it after that.

The Verdict

Well…my second pair just arrived (and these ones have different coloured soles – as if they couldn’t get any better). I keep wanting to try Saucony Kinvaras but Adidas have pulled me back, for one more training cycle anyway (and I imagine the grip will really come into its own in wet wintry London too).

Adidas Adizero Vs Adidas Ultra Boost 2


I also tried the Ultra Boosts after being recommended them for my longer runs. I was expecting all the joy of the Adizeros but with more comfort…unfortunately they remain hardly worn. I think this might be a personal thing – I find excess cushioning leaves me prone to injury (feel like my muscles aren’t working as they should and get tricked into relaxing too much) and these are very cushioned indeed. The uppers (although very comfortable) are very hot. These running shoes do however, make excellent slippers.