Hips and Glutes are the Key to Better Form

As Jonathan Beverly immediately points out in his Runners World piece “It’s all in the hips”, there is something different in how elite runners run compared to us mortals. I’m sure we’ve all been on the sideline or watching on the television at the worlds best and thought “they just run differently”. They seem to glide, their legs rotating from their hips as if being cycled by a motor, their knees coming up high and their legs kicking all the way back to their butt. They have a huge range of motion, and seemingly effortlessly.

Looking at non-elite runners, and from our own experiences as mere mortals, the mechanics of running feel very different to how the best make it look. A forced, difficult shuffle sometimes seems a closer description!

As Beverly explains, a lot of this difference in form and range of motion comes down to our hips and glutes. Despite the huge attention that forefoot striking has had recently, Beverly argues that the foot strike is just the end of a long chain of movement – a chain of movement starting at the hips. Our sedentary lifestyles have encouraged weak hips and glutes – and it is this weakness that is the primary difference between us mortals and the Elites in terms of form – we are hugely underusing our strongest running muscles and overloading others.

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