Long Run – The 4 by 3, 20 Miler

Marathon Training

This long-run session is great for testing your marathon pace during a longer run, whilst giving enough recovery to stave of long term fatigue for your training week ahead.

This is an ideal session to do 5-6 weeks out, as you start to include more an more marathon pace specific training into your week. One of the key benefits of multi-pace sessions, as below, is that the various physiological factors required for marathon running are targeted, and the long run is broken up which psychologically helps break boredom.

The 4 By 3, 20 Miler

4 mile easy warm up
4 x (2 mile MP, 1 mile MP + 1 min)
4 mile easy warm down
(MP = goal marathon pace)

This session acts a great bridge to the long runs with more sustained marathon pace segments.